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Join us! Join our "Light Night" community or become a COR3 member to take greater advantage of our studio and our resources. 

If you are creating content on a regular basis or would like to be creating content on a regular basis, we believe we can help. 

Click button, scroll to "Subscriptions"

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Our recurring, $FREE event is every last Wednesday of the month from 7-9pm. These events are for education, networking, and for creating. Each month, we open our studio to focus on a specific theme or creative aptitude. These events are for photographers, videographers, models, and anyone who would like to participate. 

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Taking your creative business to the next level is hard! It can take everything you’ve got. We know what that’s like. We have created the opportunity we wish we all had when we started this: A membership that will pay for itself and empower you to expand your brand rapidly. We are offering our resources, our experience, our knowledge, and our team to see West Michigan creators transform the marketplace forever. It’s TIME!!!! We want to see you win. This is YOUR studio.
This is wild so we are limiting this offer to 10 creatives and only for one year at which time we will reevaluate.
🚀ELITE COR3 membership

$300/month includes: ($2500+ value)
🔥 10 hours of studio time each month (equates to $30/ hour studio rental plus 20% off extra time)
🔥 “OVER MARKETING” business/ brand-builder training by Revo Media @jason.arntz (includes the initial setup consultation and monthly check-Ins to ensure you receive massive ROI on your membership)
🔥StudioCOR3 9 custom sets, LED WALL special rates, product zone, lighting packages etc.
🔥 Feature promotion in “COR3 Magazine”. (We want to tell the world about the awesome creators in West Michigan)
We all love what we do everyday, there’s no question… but we built this space to be a vehicle for countless others to realize their dreams. Let’s go!!!!!
- StudioCOR3 Team

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